Charity Number: 1164473
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Hope4Jemma also known as Jemma's Life Saving Neurosurgery is a non-profit fundraising page under the UK registered charity Just4Children. Just4Children help children and young adults up to 25 raise money for specialist medical treatments, Specialist surgery or therapy.

My daughter Jemma has EDS, Chiari, Craniocervical Instability, Atlanto- Axial Instability, Advanced Cervical Medullary Syndrome caused by brainstem compression. She needs urgent life saving and life changing neurosurgery not available on the NHS. Her brainstem is being crushed by her dislocating head/neck dislocating and the back of her brain has fallen into her spinal canal causing fluid pressure to build.


We must raise £40,000 to cover the cost of surgery, hospital fees, post op rehab and Travel costs.


Please note we are fundraising under registered charity Just4Children until October 2020.

I have had my operation all thanks to your kind donations ! 

Latest update 20th September  

Im doing ok post op but it will be a very long road to hopefully get some body functions back.

There was damage to my brainstem so some things may never return. I am currently having light physio to start working on my weak neck below the fusion to try and avoid further fusion surgery.

So far the things that have improved are... 

  1. My tinnitus has gone

  2. The top of my neck and skull feels more secure

  3. The awful trigeminal Neuralgia has gone so far but time will tell.

  4. I can sit for a bit longer longs i have back support.