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Frequently Asked


Why Will The NHS Not Fund it ?

The NHS will only fund operations when the risks and benefits have been fully assessed. The operation Jemma needs is a relatively new one being done on patients with EDS. There is an increased risk of complications in people with connective tissue disorders and only a few people from the UK have had the surgery abroad so there isn't enough evidence for them to agree to fund it. Even though the outcomes have been really positive and made a huge difference to quality of life.

What Happens To Your Donation?

Your kind donation goes straight into Just4Childrens fund page for Jemma - Jemma's Life Saving Neurosurgery. There is a page and a page on Just giving they are both linked so you can donate through either and it goes into her fund. links below.

Once the goal is reached the hospital fees, rehab apartment fees and other related costs will be payed by just4children. Any funds left over will pay for physiotherapy and after care costs. 

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